Image shows - "Mighty oaks from little acorns grow"

When is a lampshade not a lampshade?

Image shows - "Mighty oaks from little acorns grow"
"Mighty oaks from little acorns grow"

House renovations can be lots of fun – but sometimes the ‘surprises’ they throw up mean you need to focus on small achievements…

Little acorns

“Mighty oaks from little acorns grow…”  Old English Proverb, date unknown.

“I bloody well hope so!”  Sian Lewis, 1973 –

I won’t share the saga of the drains. No one needs to hear about that. Quite frankly, I wish I didn’t know about it – and this is my new house (the one I waited 10 long months from ‘offer acceptance to removal van in the driveway’ for).

Suffice to say, our wonderful new pad has more issues than a lovelorn teenager. Dodgy drains, a dicky boiler and the need to keep a saucepan on the kitchen floor to catch drips if it rains when the wind is blowing from the north.

None of them make me love it any less but they have firmly put the kibosh on my initial, “Slap a coat of Wickes Ivory emulsion everywhere and let’s get on with living in it” approach.

It took five coats of said paint to cover the damp stains in the first room we tackled. And with every passing week we find another issue that requires our attention, energy – and (minimal) decorating budget.


Focus on the positives...


So, let’s focus on the positives…the small steps we take every week to making this our home, our haven from the world.

The tiny nuggets – the acorns – from which our mighty oak will emerge.

This week those acorns are lampshade shaped – and are now hanging from our bedroom ceiling.

Now, anyone who has ever been into a branch of Homesense knows that you should never just, ‘pop in with 20 minutes to kill before collecting darling daughter from Irish dancing’.

At least, not without STRICT supervision!

Image shows - When is a lampshade not (just) a lampshade...when it makes you as happy as this makes me...
When is a lampshade not (just) a lampshade...when it makes you as happy as this makes me...

“I only came in for Thank You cards,” I explained to the sales assistant, as I hauled a pair of giant (huge!), copper mesh pendant lampshades over the counter,

“Oh, they all say that,” she tinkled in reply.

Really husband (after seven years of Nearly Husband status, we finally got hitched last November) didn’t seem to find that vignette half as amusing as me.

“I thought we weren’t spending any money this month?!?”

He has a point. A valid one. Really Husband is in fact what is known as ‘right’. There, I said it. Just don’t tell him.

However, the small pleasures of doing up a new home keep you going when dull chores take the renovation To Do list from back of envelope, to A4 sheet – to a (now fast-expanding) spreadsheet.


If that means putting up lampshades before bedroom curtains, so be it.